The Election Commission has made it clear that candidates will have to endure the value of advertising their criminal antecedents in TV and newspapers as it comes in the category of ‘ballot costs,’ a senior functionary said Thursday. The poll panel has made it compulsory for applicants contesting elections to market their crook antecedents in TV and newspapers at the least thrice at some electioneering point.

Though instructions in this regard had been issued on October 10, 2018, the rule of thumb is getting used for the first time in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. The functionary said political parties had been knowledgeable that applicants will endure the advertisement’s cost from their poll costs.

Advertisement of candidates

Some parties had approached the ballot panel urging it to allow the advertisement expenditure to be borne using them and not the candidates. The parties, too, will need to market the applicants’ criminal facts they have got fielded. The expenditure of advertisement by using the parties will be borne with the aid of them.

This approach that applicants and parties contesting the elections will need to publicize their crook statistics as a minimum on 3 exceptional dates in broadly circulated newspapers and popular TV channels during the marketing campaign duration. Candidates who do now not have information have to mention that. The applicants will now need to refill an amended shape (quantity 26). They will have to inform parties about their antecedents, including instances in which they have been convicted and cases pending towards them.

The parties, the EC said, can be “obliged” to position the information about the candidates on their websites. The EC path of October 2018 was silent on whether or not the applicants will have to pay from their pocket for the exposure. Parties who fail to conform face the potentialities of getting their reputation withdrawn or suspended. Candidates have to publish clippings in their declaration posted in papers and events ought to put up details about the variety of such candidates in a nation.

While there is a ceiling on the expenditure of candidates, the events haven’t any such limit. Candidates in Lok Sabha polls can spend as much as Rs 70 lakh. All registered political parties need to put up a declaration in their election expenditure to the election commission within 90 days of completing the Lok Sabha elections. All candidates must post their expenditure assertion to the poll panel within 30 days of the final touch of the elections.

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