There is lots of cash to be made in splendor, and proper now a number of its miles being made by way of male executives. Moj Mahdara wants to change that. The C.E.O. Of Beautycon, which holds semiannual competition-like alternate indicates, lately raised $20 million in investment and has all started to open pop-up retail areas in Los Angeles. She wants to see ladies gain Warren Buffett-, Bill Gates- and Jeff Bezos-level wealth on their own phrases. So she delivered in a case study: Cardi B, the queen of “cash movements.”

Cardi talks approximately cash without condescension. “Everything she’s telling you — about spending, saving, taxes — is obvious and thru her lived to enjoy,” stated Ms. Mahdara. At Beautycon NYC, Cardi and Ms. Mahdara spoke about how financial literacy fundamentals forget about a few non-public-finance realities. “You can shop cash whilst you could have enough money to store money,” Cardi said. “How you gonna save money, and you’ve got payments to pay?”

Making ‘Money Moves’

Ms. Mahdara shared a commonplace statistic on pay parity: A female makes around eighty cents on a man’s greenback (the latest look at found space is worse than that, forty-nine cents to each dollar). She asked Cardi for her perception of the problem. The rapper insisted she gets paid equally — now, at the least. Back when Cardi turned into Insta-famous, but now not but “Bodak Yellow” well-known, she hosted events at golf equipment for a rate. It has become clear that the rappers and other guys she co-hosted with were making more money than she was for the equal task. “I stated, ‘I’m going to stop taking bookings till y’ all pay me extra,’” she said. And “that bag doubled.”

“Women aren’t comfy speakme approximately cash,” Ms. Mahdara said, and guys aren’t comfy speakme to them approximately it. She believes that her appearance and demeanor, as a butch, queer lady, intimidates the men she meets via business. “I suppose that’s half of the motive I have issues with investors or humans I paintings with,” she said. “I’m no longer a female they can put in a class, and that’s uncomfortable for them.”

Here, Cardi shares advice for leveling up, hustling, and getting paid:

Ask for what you need. Cardi stated she always became shy and that it took getting used to inquiring about what she wanted. “That’s why guys are now and again desirable hustlers,” she said. “Women are so timid. A lot of ladies question me, ‘How do I get what I want?’ By asking.” “When I started becoming popular, I used to say, ‘I need y’ all to throw me cash. Don’t even talk to me if y’ all no longer throwing me some cash,’” she stated. “Then when they commenced seeing me, it turned into like, ‘Here I realize you need some cash, so let me throw it at you.’ You gotta ask.”

(Last month, video pictures surfaced on Instagram in which Cardi stated that she drugged and robbed guys whilst working as a stripper. In an announcement, the rapper stated, “I’m a part of a hip-hop subculture wherein you could talk about where you come back from, talk about the wrong belongings you had to do to get where you are.”)
Listen to your mother.

After having a daughter, Kulture, ultimate yr, and her husband Offset, Cardi feels even more pushed to make cash. “I can in no way be comfortable,” she stated. Motherhood brings up the mind of her very own mother, who continually instructed her to have children handiest if she should find the money to attend to them on her very own. “I used to think my mother was paranoid. But as you become older, you recognize what your mom be speakme to you approximately,” she stated. “I continually dated men that had money. But I didn’t have the money. What occurs if we separate? I don’t want to be asking you for stuff — no, that’s not my style.”

Don’t get distracted with the aid of social media. Cardi could alternatively see you the use of influencers as an idea for a way to get cash in place of distraction from making it. “These bloggers making mad cash from y’ all looking,” she said. “Watch their recipe.”