About 70 percent of over five 000 small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), depending on the automobile region, stand paralyzed in drought-hit Marathwada. After an excessive drought last year, the location has recorded a rain deficit, and the Motown slump has brought to the distress. Rural flocks, who had migrated to Aurangabad as agreement people, are jobless. Almost 1.87 crore humans of the area observe every other drought, and a monetary slowdown pushes people to the brink.
Double whammy

“Drought and droop have come collectively, and this has had a huge effect on the vicinity’s economy. We are going through a dual venture. Aurangabad is an automobile hub of Marathwada. Contract employees have already lost their jobs, and there aren’t any new jobs in the market because of the slowdown,” Narayan Pawar, Vice-President of Marathwada Association of Small Scale Industries and Agriculture (MASIA), advised BusinessLine.

He delivered that when final yr’s drought human beings inside the place had been hoping for an amazing rainfall. “But until the date, the location has no longer acquired excellent rains, and the rural population is already crowding in Aurangabad commercial regions. These migrants don’t have any vicinity to go together with markets down in Pune and Nashik,” said Pawar.

industry stoop and drought

Abhay Hanchnal, Vice-President of MASSIA, who also owns a unit in Aurangabad, said that scenario isn’t that awful in Aurangabad as there are no lay-offs and block closures. He stated that Bajaj is the main participant in Aurangabad, and almost all small-scale industries depend on the agency.
Festival calls for “As of now, we’re taking the situation because it comes. We desire that Diwali and Ganapati festivals improve the market, and things turn out to be regular. But if the scenario remains the same even after festival season, then it’d be a chief reason of difficulty,” he stated.

There are 1.5-2 lakh people in SMEs focused around the Aurangabad belt, and their future relies upon commercial enterprise throughout the pageant season. Shiv Prasad Jaju, Secretary of Chamber of Marathwada Industries and Agriculture, stated that the place’s marketplace gets fillip after the monsoon. Still, the cycle of drought has disturbed the chain. “The industrial region in Aurangabad belt got here underneath pressure after Videocon pulled shutters ultimate year. Also, no new industries are coming to the vicinity. As a Chamber, we are trying to create a surrounding in which small-scale units get concerned in exports,” Jaju said.

The majority of dams within the location nonetheless stay dry, and sugar turbines inside the area are not in a position to begin crushing due to loss of cane availability. Meanwhile, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, traveling the region running a pre-election marketing campaign for the BJP, said that the authorities will ensure that the following era in Marathwada will now not go through because of drought and misery.