The internet is complete with commercial enterprise ideas that can turn you into an entrepreneur. However, as cliched as it sounds, sometimes all it takes is recognizing what you love doing. More and more human beings are blending interest and paintings collectively and turning their ardor projects into highly successful groups. We bring you five marketers who will tell you that any interest has the ability to emerge as a profitable challenge. Use their success stories as a proposal, and discover how to blend your ardor with business to triumph.

Husband-spouse, and books: Qwerty Thoughts

This is a story of husband and wife who became their ardor for e-book right into a business. Launched early this 12 months, Qwerty Thoughts, founded by Jasleen Khurana and Prateek Gupta, is a multilingual social e-book reading, discovery, and self-publishing online platform, in which readers can discuss books even as studying them with people having similar studying hobbies. At Qwerty Thoughts, every ebook works like a reading room, where readers can examine an e-book with others and connect, talk, and share their reviews in real-time on each paragraph of the e-book.


The concept was conceived 4 years again whilst Jasleen began offline companies in Delhi-NCR associated with storytelling, e-book readings, creative writing, and discussions. While doing this, she realized that geography turned into a venture, and only Delhi-NCR-based analyzing fanatics may want to take part in these meetups. Being a problem solver, Jasleen decided to deliver the community online and roped in husband Prateek Gupta as Co-founder and CTO to begin Qwerty Thoughts early.

Officially launched in early 2019, Qwerty Thoughts Media Pvt. Ltd onboarded its offline community on-line and attracted 1,000 registered authors from the United States, UK, Germany, and India. The startup is catering to 500 million vernacular language internet users in India and e-book enthusiasts throughout the globe. Qwerty Thoughts is currently bootstrapped with the financial savings of the couple. Thus far, the duo has invested Rs 8 lakh until the date for R&D, generation, product improvement, content, events, and felony requirements.

In terms of revenue, the startup earns when readers pay for the e-book, and additionally from authors who use promotional gear and offerings furnished by Qwerty Thoughts, a main supply of revenue for the enterprise. The startup has already clocked about Rs 50,000 in revenue within the beyond a couple of months, and the co-founders assume profitability by using the end of the subsequent year.

Qwerty Thoughts has surpassed 6,000 registered users and has greater than 1,500 books for analyzing uploaded throughout categories including romance, mystery, fiction, non-fiction amongst others via an extra than 1,000 registered authors and an average visitor of around 40,000 according to month. They are waiting to move a million registered users mark with the aid of the end of 2020.
Two to tango: TrackMyPhones

Bengaluru-based totally twins Srihari and Shrinidhi Karanth, both computer engineers, have a passion for the internet site and app development. Even as they labored in exclusive corporations, the brothers dabbled in app development of their downtime. The twins had been particularly curious approximately how one’s phone can be used to ensure the user’s safety.

This idea gave birth to their startup, TrackMyPhones.

It had started as an interest in 2014, while the brothers evolved an app known as Thief Tracker, which takes a photo from the front digital camera of a telephone and mails it to the person while a person tries to unencumber the device and fails a couple of instances. Soon they observed that the app had garnered interest globally, seeing 15,000-20,000 installs each day. The success of Thief Tracker spurred the brothers to start up with TrackMyPhones in 2016.