Tennis – Japan’s pinnacle-ranked Kei Nishikori is performing alongside Yowamushi Pedal’s Sakamichi Onoda in a commercial for Morinaga & Company’s in Bar Protein. The art has been drawn by means of Yowamushi Pedal author Wataru Watanabe.

“Yowamushi Pedal is simply one of the collection taking part within the ad campaign. The creators of Baki-Dou, Black Jack, Harigane Service ACE, and Super Radical Gag Family launched original artwork in their characters and renditions of Nishikori playing an in Bar Protein snack.”

Nishikori is one of the top superstars in Japan and among the highest incomes athletes inside the global. He has in advance seemed in several classified ads including the ones for Cup Noodle and the economic offerings business enterprise JACCS.

The Japanese player became beaten inside the 1/3 round of the continuing US Open by using Australian Alex de Minaur in four units. The 29-yr-vintage Nishikori is presently ranked No. 7 within the global. He had reached the region-finals of all the three preceding Grand Slam tournaments this year and had reached the semi-finals of the United States Open last 12 months.

He additionally reached the area-finals of Wimbledon remaining 12 months, making it 5 consecutive appearances in a Grand Slam region-very last for the Japanese participant. As a result of his in advance loss this yr on the US Open, Nishikori is predicted to head down within the rankings.

With the Olympics arising in Tokyo next 12 months, Nishikori is anticipated to be one of the tops draws on the Tokyo Games together with Naomi Osaka, who has received two Grand Slams and reached the World No. 1 ranking.