Relyon has been serving its customers since 1858 as a wool merchant in Somerset. Since the beginning, it has been recognized for its standards, high-quality materials, and resilience. Over 150 years, Relyon has evolved itself from a small privately-owned business to one of the leading manufacturers in the UK. The brand offers the highest standards of mattresses and quality to its customers. Moreover, during manufacturing processes, Relyon uses the finest materials available in the market for providing beds with an excellent finish. Relyon mattresses are available in various sizes and designs; therefore, picking an ideal mattress from their offerings can be a challenge of sorts. Read on to discover some of the most popular Relyon mattress collections available today.


Popular Collections of Relyon Mattresses

Relyon mattresses are available at affordable prices. Take a look at the exclusive collections of Relyon beds.

1. Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection is cultivated from 160 years of expertise, excellence, and craftsmanship. Relyon is renowned for handcrafting the best mattresses in the world. Keeping that in mind, the Heritage Collection of ten beds showcases the perfect example of the brand’s continual quest for luxury, natural comfort, and elegance.

2. Classic Collection

The Classic Collection by Relyon provides the characteristic of being true to the brand’s natural heritage. It showcases the beauty and decadence of traditional Relyon mattresses, which are expertly handcrafted and manufactured with the very best materials.

3. Contemporary Collection

Relyon’s Contemporary Collection of mattresses is very different and unique from the brand’s other collections. This collection’s beds are very flexible, i.e., they move according to your body shape. Beds from the Contemporary Collection can sense the form changing of your body and provide you relaxation accordingly. You can opt for this collection for getting great sleep at night.

Relyon is a brand that has provided comfort to numerous people in the world over the years. They have gained considerable experience over 150 years of existence, and that’s why they know how to maintain the standards of the market and what customers would like to see in a new mattress. Relyon mattresses are ideally your faithful friend as they last for a very long time and provide you with the best body support while you sleep.

It is surprising that a mattress brand founded in 1858 still exists, and this still impresses buyers. This also showcases how well crafted Relyon branded mattresses are. Relyon is undoubtedly recorded as the best mattress provider in the world.

Check options for high-quality Relyon mattresses online and pick one that suits your needs the best.