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Money Management one hundred and one for Solo and Small Firm Professionals

Money Management one hundred and one for Solo and Small Firm Professionals

Just due to the fact your skills as a lawyer are past reproach doesn’t imply you’re expected to be a monetary wizard, too. Host Adriana Linares is joined by Amanda Moore, CPA, to share some indispensable wisdom on managing your practice’s finances, overseeing your bookkeeper, and preserving your account balance in the wonderful and yourself off the IRS’ radar. Intro: So you’re an attorney, and you’ve decided to go out on your very own, now what? It would help if you had a plan, and also, you are not on my own. Join expert host Adriana Linares and her outstanding guests on New Solo. Tune into the lively conversation as they proportion insights and statistics approximately the way to run your law firm here on Legal Talk Network effectively.

Adriana Linares:

Hello, and welcome to New Solo on Legal Talk Network. I am Adriana Linares, your legal technology trainer and representative, and I am your host. I assist lawyers, and law firms use generation higher. Thanks for becoming a member of us nowadays. But earlier than we get began, I need to make certain and thank our sponsors.

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I’m excited to introduce you to my guest nowadays. Her name is Amanda Moore. She is one of my dearest buddies, and I’ve been asking her for a long time to come on and speak to us approximately accounting fundamentals. And she’s rolling her eyes at me proper now, she says, nobody desires accounting basics in terms of lawyers, they’re clever sufficient to understand. I usually say, quite a few of us are just small enterprise owners and getting started. A car who of lawyers that pay attention to that is perhaps new, so we should use some assist in wetlands.