A report published these days by protection research company VPNMentor indicates its team found 100GB of unsecured client information from the French travel booking web page Option Way. The database includes details together with names, electronic mail IDs, addresses, cellphone numbers, and travel details.
The file stated these customers were specifically from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Algeria, and Australia. Apart from clients’ statistics, the database also contained information about the organization’s personnel and credit cards used for transactions. The research crew determined the unsecured database on August 20 and knowledgeable the agency five days later.

Option Way’s internet site claims it processes information in an encrypted way and consistent with the suggestions set out by the CNIL (France’s data protection authority). However, VPNMentor crew turned into able to get entry to the database.

The team stated that it found huge chunks of Option Way’s database unencrypted and unprotected. The studies company was also able to manage URLs to locate extra facts.

We’ve reached out to Option Way to apprehend the character of this leak’s impact and what it’s doing to protect its customers. We’ll replace the story as soon as we listen lower back from them.

Unencrypted and unprotected databases pose a huge risk to an enterprise’s privateness and protection, in addition to for its clients. This is a primary protection degree businesses have to take care of to make certain its customers are not at a hazard.


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