A full-page commercial of BJP’s East Delhi candidate Gautam Gambhir endorsing a cricket game app, which regarded in an English each day, invited a display reason word from the East Delhi Returning Officer on Tuesday over allegations of ‘surrogate advertising and marketing’.

According to the order with the aid of the RO, the commercial, selling an app referred to as ‘CricPlay’, seemed in Delhi Times, a complement of The Times of India, on April 26. It carried a picture of Mr. Gambhir together with the phrase “Ab Mere Sath India Khelega” and additionally offered each day coins prize to winners.

“This seems to be a surrogate advertisement, which seems to have political overtures in favor of contesting candidate,” read the order. According to the Model Code of Conduct, expenditure incurred on such advertisements have to be delivered to the account of election prices of a specific candidate. Mr. Gambhir has been asked to grant documents to expose if the commercial became pre-licensed.

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