As we know that Samsung has the best and updated features in every newly launched mobile phone, it may be a keypad mobile phone or a touching smartphone. All phones have the best and attractive features. One of them is Samsung grand 3. Before launching this in the market, a little review of this is given, and it attracts users very much.

And most of the people are searching for the Samsung galaxy grand 3 price. Some people also booked the phone before its launch. That means the phone gives it the best in the market and attracts people to its features on a huge level. Let we start to discuss its specification and features and the advantages of this smartphone.


If we talk in the small description, then the phone has Snapdragon 410, which is the latest and gives a flowing working experience. The phone’s storage is 16 GB that is enough to use, that users can store lots of images, photos, videos, documents, music, and many more things in the phone’s storage. You can also expand the device’s storage up to 64 GB by using the micro SD card.

Most people check the camera for clicking pictures in good quality. And this has a camera of 13 MP. Now, we talk about the display that means the screen of the mobile phone that is 5.5,” and in centimeters, it is (13.97cm). That is too good for using the phone. And RAM of the mobile has 1.5 GB. All in one, that means the phone is best in all the criteria that why this phone rocked the market and attracted people on a large scale.

Key Specification

Here we discuss key specifications of the Samsung galaxy grand 3, which has the key specification. The smartphone has a front camera of 5 MP (Mega Pixels) to take selfies. And it is also widely used for video callings that make the world more together, which means you can talk with your loved ones or attend meetings with front camera video calling from anywhere.

In any device, the processor has the main role. And the device has the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 that is updated and a new processor that gives the device a good working environment. The display of the device is 5.5,” which is good to use. If we talk about the RAM of the device, then it is 1.5 GB that gives the processor the support to work comfortably with all the device applications.

The device has two cameras. That makes the device more attractive. The front camera and the Rear camera. As we discuss, the front camera is 5mp, and the rear camera is 13MP that gives your videos and photos high quality and clear vision when you click any photo or make any video. Because of all these features, smartphone people search on google for the price of the Samsung galaxy grand 3.

General features

This device has many more things that play an important role in performing the user’s applications and experience. Like, the device has an operating system of Android v4.4.4 (KitKat) that gives the device’s application a good environment to work properly and handle the users’ usage applications.

Many of the time, we see that some people have two phone numbers and they need to buy two separate mobile devices. But this smartphone has two dual sims (GSM+ GSM) operator options. It has two different slots for two different Sims. You can use your two Sims on one mobile, and you save your money by purchasing another mobile. The device supports the two sim system that is a more attractive and fetching feature of the smartphone.

The Samsung model is Galaxy Grand 3 if you are going in the market to buy this phone. And the brand name that already knows you, Samsung. Many of the people ask questions that the device supports which network for the sim. The answer is that it supports all networks: 4G Available (doesn’t support Indian brand); 3G: Available, 2G Available. That means the Sim is of 2G or 3G or 4G network it supports all sim types.

Design of the device

A device’s design plays an important vital role everywhere. Suppose the design looks good that it can attract people to it very easily. The smartphone’s thickness is 7.95 mm, which means it is not so slim or thick, but it is okay to have a phone in hand. Now the width of the phone is 74.8 mm, which is also good.

The device’s weight is also important because many people say they don’t like heavyweight mobiles or feel too heavy and don’t feel good to take it with them. In this aspect, the phone’s weight is manageable, which is 140 grams, so you don’t feel heavy. You can take it easy with you. This smartphone is available in two colors that are black and white. You can choose one of them that you like according to your choice.

All this device is full of amazing features, and you can use it easily without facing any problem. This device is very comfortable to use and to have with you. One can purchase the Samsung Grand 3 price in the range of Rs. 11,990 and onwards. You can also check on google or many online websites or try the local area shop rate. You can get it at affordable prices.

This phone is full of amazing/ interesting and new features that attract anyone towards it very soon, and the reviews of the device also excellent from the customers. This device was launched in India in September 2013. And it catches the attention of people towards it on a large scale.