Your social media feed can get very dull, filled with identical old posts. However, if you live in Columbus, Ohio, and want to escape from real life for a little while, go check out any of these parks during your next day off. What are you waiting for? The weather is perfect for it! Intro to. Columbus’s Top Five Metro Parks are the best in Columbus, Ohio.

parks in Columbus

The weather is perfect for it! Check out any of the top five parks in the state of Columbus, Ohio. Experience the joy of nature at any of these parks during your next day off.

Nature parks in Columbus

When you visit the great city of Columbus, the best way to get a feel for what it is all about is to go through some of the nature parks. It is incredible to realize that Ohio has quite a few natural gems, just like these parks in Columbus.

The Top 5 Metro Parks in Columbus

Nature can bring about a relaxing and peaceful experience for everyone. To start and grow a profitable digital coaching business, seek out creative ways to help people understand nature in their daily lives. When thinking about the types of niche available, some examples could be “relaxing hobbies in Columbus, Ohio” or “nature appreciation activities in Columbus, Ohio”. If you are interested in parks within Columbus, five metro parks offer different experiences.

What To Expect When Visiting The Metro Parks In Columbus

If you are lucky enough to live in the Columbus area, a visit to one of our parks is necessary. There are dozens of metro parks here for any outdoor enthusiast like yourself. To get out there and explore nature, go out on a hike, take your dog for a swim, or bike the wooded trails at a metro park in Columbus, Ohio.

A Guide To The Metro Parks In Columbus

If you are looking for an inexpensive place to relax and forget about your everyday troubles, the metro parks in Columbus, Ohio, will fit the bill. From picnicking to bird watching, fishing, or simply strolling along nature trails, experience one of these three hundred acres of tranquility.

The Best Hiking Trails In The Metro Parks In Columbus

Do you love nature and want to experience a different adventure in the woods? If so, take a hike at one of these great parks located in Columbus, Ohio. Olentangy State Park: If you’re looking for a great place to hike near downtown Columbus, this is the perfect location. The park has over four miles of trails and even a water park. Delena P. Blokhay State Nature Preserve: This is one of the smallest state parks located in Delaware County. The entire area is only 6 acres, but it is a great place to experience nature with beautiful forest views.

The Best Picnic Spots In The Metro Parks In Columbus

Ohio’s Metro Parks is the parks department in Columbus, Ohio. Thirty-seven different parks total over 8000 acres, providing a variety of activities. The best picnic spots in the Metro parks in Columbus range from their unique landscaping to artsy attractions.

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The Best Fishing Spots In The Metro Parks In Columbus

Maybe you’re someone who enjoys being one with nature, but if that’s not the case, this article probably won’t mean much to you. However, this article is definitely for you for those who find joy in the heart and might even enjoy catching some fish on a lake. All five of these parks offer such an opportunity.

Metro Parks in Columbus and Franklin County

You are looking for a way to enjoy the spring weather? Columbus, Ohio, offers many gorgeous parks where you can soak up some sun, bask in nature, and refresh your mind. Be sure to take a good camera, or better yet, bring your GoPro (or borrow someone else’s) so that you can snap pictures of all the amazing things you’ll see – it’ll help remember your trip! The most popular destination is Highbanks Metro Park which covers 800 acres along the Olentangy River. But there are plenty.

The Best Metro Parks in Columbus for Hiking

Columbus, Ohio, offers many things for residents to enjoy, but exploring the parks and hiking can be a great way to experience nature. The Adena Brook Park is one of the best parks in Columbus, Ohio, for both hikers and nature lovers, as there are no less than 45 species of wildflowers that have been cultivated there. One could easily spend a weekend at this park exploring all of the trails available and perhaps even spotting a few wildlife creatures along the way, such as deer or foxes—another beautiful place.

The Best Metro Parks in Columbus for Playgrounds

There are many outdoor activities you can do in Columbus, Ohio. If you want to enjoy some peace, then take your kids to the gorgeous Scioto Audubon Metro Park. It features several playgrounds that are perfect for children. The grounds of the Metro Park are entirely fenced in, so you can allow your kids to roam around without worrying about them getting out. You can enjoy a picnic and a hike on the trails or if you’re a little more adventurous, then go for a canoe ride.


There are many parks in Columbus for residents and visitors to enjoy. The Columbus Metro Parks system has over 15,000 acres of parkland and 27 parks. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is also a popular park attraction. Columbus’ most famous park is Highbanks Metro Park, the largest urban park in the United States. It spans 1,952 acres and is located on the city’s west side. There are several community gardens in Columbus, like the community garden at Battelle-Darby Creek Metro Park, which is excellent for beginners who are just getting into growing their food.